East Haven, CT:

We found some pretty spooky information regarding the area back during the revolutionary war.  This helped us focus our investigation for the night. (November 2013)

Residential Case #1

Cohasset, MA:

Our first investigation as a CT team was in Cohasset, MA where we worked with the Cohasset Historical Society to investigate this historic museum in October 2013.  We came back later for a reveal to the town for a spooky Halloween attraction.

CPT. John Wilson House

Fall River, MA:

CT Supernatural investigated the Lizzie Borden house with other RTS teams this past summer (July 2014).  It was a great experience and a very spooky place to take a rest...

Lizzie Borden House

Derby, CT:

CT Supernatural got the chance to investigate the Sterling Opera House in Derby, CT before it was shut down to the public.  It is a condemned building that has so much history!  It was a great night! (April 2014)

Sterling Opera House 

Charlestown, MA:

This was an interesting investigation for CT Supernatural and RTS Paranormal.  We found out that the power lines outside were giving off so much power that our EMF meters were practically useless.  We also had a black out occur right as we went 'lights out'.  Interesting...

Residential Case #4

East Haven, CT:

For this investigation we were asked by some friends to come take a look at their home in CT.  (January 2014)

Residential Case #3

Residential Case #2

Woonsocket, RI:

This was a case that we worked with members of our main group, RTS Paranormal Investigations in December of 2013

Yankee Pedlar Inn 

Torrington, CT:

CT Supernatural investigated the old Yankee Pedlar Inn in Torrington, CT on December 7, 2013.  This historic hotel was also the site for a horror film a few years before we investigated.  Great atmosphere!

Winchendon, MA:

This was another investigation with the combined efforts of a few RTS Paranormal Chapters.  It was a great historic home that really turned you around if you weren't paying attention.  Thanks to the museum for having us! (March 2014)

Whitney Murdock Mansion

Stratford, CT:

Investigation to happen: 10/17/14

Newport, RI:

RTS Chapters from around New England came out to see if there were spirits at a spa in Newport, Rhode Island.  It was a historic home that was moved to its current location and renovated recently.  (August 2014)

Residential Case #5

Newport, RI Spa